Feb 6, 2014

Finishing Out Fodder

Fodder after 5 days in the tray.
Fodder after 6 days in the tray.
Spraying down the grass to get rid of vinegar flavor.
After the mold fiasco, I still kept the fodder going, and it continued to grow.  Finally, I decided that the fodder had probably grown enough that I should probably feed it to the rabbits.  Since I had been spritzing the whole thing with white vinegar after every watering, I rinsed the whole thing off with water before taking it out to the rabbits.  (Vinegar is usually not regarded as a pleasant flavor, especially not white vinegar).
Whole growth after 6 days in the tray.
I dumped the whole thing out onto the top of our house rabbit's cage.  I thought it would be funny to watch her nibble at the grass upside down (she's a white rabbit, and the idea struck me with a kind of Wonderland madness).  Plus, I wanted to get a good look at the root mat.  It was surprisingly thick, which made me happy.  Our last run had a disappointingly thin root mat, despite having grown a day longer than the current run.
Nice thick root mat for this round, compared to the thin one from our last run that took 8 days.
House rabbit, Margaret.
BamBam, Cali herd buck.

Ixis, white Rex buck.

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