Feb 17, 2014

Cute Pictures of the Day

Ok, so I didn't actually get around to putting together a full educational post today (although I did add a few educational pictures to our Facebook album), but I did get a few cute pictures to share.

New Zealand buck, Snap, in trance state.
This is Snap, our New Zealand herd buck.  I got him out to take a picture for sexing mature males.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get the picture, since I needed one hand to hold the camera, and another to expose the vent...and normally another to hold the rabbit's head.  But, I managed to pin his head between my knees, and that positioned him well enough to completely hypnotize him.

Rex doe, Maragaret, trying out a pink apron.
Margaret, our house bunny, got plenty of time out and about today, too.  While skittering around the kitchen, she decided that the pretty pink apron hanging by the stove looked good on her (that, or she wanted to see how it tasted; she didn't actually damage it by chewing).

By the way, does anyone have any tips for getting rid of the glow on red-eyed animals?  (Obviously, it's too late to turn the flash off).  I couldn't get any satisfactory results from anything I tried in Photoshop.

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