Apr 6, 2014

Kit Development in the First Weeks

Kits change from newborn to 5 days old.
Rabbits are born blind, deaf, and furless (although some may have hints of peach fuzz).  By five days old, their ears are starting to open up, and they'll be completely open by a week old.
7-day-old Californian kits have open ears.

13-day-old New Zealand kit already starting to pose.
Their eyes can start to open up as early as nine days, and most will have their eyes open by 12 days old.  They may open one eye and then another, and you may even see the eye when it's still only partially open.  That's normal.  If the eye still isn't open at a full two-weeks old, you can try to open it, gently.

Eye on 12-day-old kit not completely opened.

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